Neck Arthritis, Back Arthritis and Spine Disease Treatment

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Treatment Benefits

Our neck pain, back pain and arthritis treatments can relieve the chronic pain experienced by 15-20% of people in the United States. Back and neck pain affects males and females equally and can occur at any age, with the majority of initial episodes happening at ages 20-40. Even though back and neck pain can be attributed to biological and mechanical causes, most of these are benign; although a small number of cases are due to a more serious illness. The most common causes of neck pain and back pain include degeneration, such as osteoarthritis, muscle strain, mechanical problems, such as a herniated disc, and vertebral fractures associated with osteoporosis.

Stromal Vascular Fraction Stem Cell Therapy, otherwise known as SVF, includes the drawing of stromal vascular fraction cells for stem cell reproduction. This is used for the following types of neck and back arthritis pain, as well as for spine disease:

  1. Disk Extrusion or Protrusions

    Both a disc extrusion and disc protrusion are a type of intervertebral disc herniation, but an extrusion extends above or below the disc level, whereas a protrusion does not extend above or below the disc level. SVF can be deployed as an epidural injection at the disk level where the pain occurs, but if a interventional radiology or spine specialist is involved, SVF might be deployed intra-diskal.

  2. Disk Annular Tears

    A disk annular tear is an extremely common form of spinal degeneration. Even the smallest tear can cause inflammation, which may provide explanation for chronic lower back pain. While it can result from a traumatic injury, it is more common to see this result from degenerative changes that occur with age. Resulting pain is usually inflammatory in nature, and SVF can be deployed as an epidural injection or intra-diskal at the point of pain.

  3. Facet Arthropathy

    The degenerative arthritis affecting the facet joints in the spine is what is known as facet arthropathy. In the area of the spine where the facet joints are located, arthritis-like pain can develop and chronically affect the patient. SVF should be deployed as an intra-facet injection into all targets for these kinds of pain sufferers.

All deployments for neck and back arthritis as well as spine disease should preferably be done under radiographic guidance and be performed by a physician with expertise in facet or epidural injections.

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